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What makes fiber internet so fast?

Your internet speed depends on how much data the infrastructure can handel.

Fiber-optic internet lines transfer data using modulated light instead of electricity, which gives them much higher bandwidth capacity, since they're not bound by the physical limitations of electricity conducting through metal.

Fiber internet connections work at speeds up to 1 gigabit per second -- literally 100 times faster than those old copper wire connections.

Traditional copper wires used by DSL and cable internet were originally intended to transmit voice only, though, so they're limited in the amount of data they can handle.

How is fiber internet better than cable or DSL?

Carrying information long distances

All electronic signals are negatively affected by long-distance travel, even light and electricity. The farther a signal has to travel, the more it degrades, nd the weaker it’ll be when it reaches its destination.

To maintain signal strength, copper cable links are limited to a distance of 328 feet or less. But fiber-optic cables can run up to almost 25 miles before they lose signal strength, which makes them a better and stronger option overall.

Isn't affected by electrical or radio interference

Although copper is a great medium for conducting electricity, it’s not a closed system, which means other electromagnetic signals or radio interference can negatively affect it. High levels of interference will reduce signal strength and risk cutting the signal entirely.

Glass and plastic fiber-optic lines, on the other hand, are more insulated against outside interference, making their signal much more secure..

Fiber is less prone to damage and wear tear

Fiber lines, despite their extremely small size, are much harder and more resistant than copper. Fiber lines can take between 100 to 200 pounds of pressure, but copper can withstand only around 25 pounds.

Also, copper is a soft metal and conducts heat, which means that older systems are prone to damage from the environment (including impacts or fire hazards) and will break down over time.

If data speed, efficiency, and reliability are important to you, then your best choice for downloading and uploading your information is fiber internet.

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